Thursday, 4 September 2014

Last - but not least - activities

The project's acting time is shortly coming to its end, as the project ends 31.12.2014. The rest of the project's working time is going to be spent on analysing the processes, making final conclusions and  disseminating and embedding the results. The effort is put to 1) disseminating, piloting and developing the checklist for inclusive learning environment, 2) developing, piloting and analysing the rerults from the international online learning module "Participatory Learning and Teaching" 3) improving the understanding of different aspects of student experience in higher education by continuing collaboration with partner universities and 4) summarizing the model of organizing benchmarking workshops in educational institutes as international collaboration. A lot of interesting work for the last four months!

The online learning module Participatory Learning and Teaching will start soon and some information from the participants will be published in blog. Another current topic for this autumn is the continuation of collaboration around the theme student experience. Ideas, practices and information is shared between partner universities by both face-to-face and online meetings.

At this point I have to say that although the project and this process has been interesting and rewarding from the very beginning, I never could have imagined all the great things and especially the wonderful people I have met and experienced during this project. When reflecting the results realized in the project so far, I think we can be satisfied: the appointed goals are fulfilled.

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