Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Analyzing and evaluating checklist for inclusive learning environment

During last spring (2014) and this autumn our project team members have piloted the checklist for inclusive learning environment mostly with our teacher students and the students of special needs educator programme. As the project is slowly coming to its end, it is important to evaluate the received infromation and feedback we have got from the use of this list.

The evaluation and deeper analysis will be made in collaboration with DIP -project team but we also use an external service provider for this analysis. The idea is to make a customer / user survey about the usability of this list. The first feedback from the checlist have been ecouraging and it is said to be useful in many different ways. As the evaluation and analysis proceeds, we will share some thoughts about it in this blog.

Meanwhile, please check the blog Participatory Learning and Teaching and get yourselves introduced with the international online module!


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