Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Next steps

Disseminating inclusive practices -project continues by developing a model / a tool for describing, evaluating and analysing educational institutions inclusive pedagogical culture. The next step is to develope the first draft of this evaluation model with the project's Finnish target group as well as with our Czech partners. This model will be aimed for organisations that are willing to develope their prevailing pedagogical system / culture towards inclusion. The idea for creating this kind of model came up during our benchmarking workshop in Prague.

What happens after and alongside this developmental process is the planning and organising of the next benchmarking workshop, which will take place in autumn 2013. The benchmarking workshop themes and schedules must be carefully planned, as we did with the first benchmark workshop. The focused themes and targets will be planned during the winter and spring time 2013. But first we project actors from TAOKK must introduce our project action, developmental process and the first results of the benchmarking worksop so far in the project's steering group. 

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