Monday, 15 October 2012

Getting started

Disseminating Inclusive Practices -project is getting started. Active project workers and Czech partners had an online meeting 11.10.2012. In the meeting we discussed the key issues, aims and plans of this project and agreed the dates of our first benchmark workshop in Prague. This workshop will be held 3.-5.12.2012 and the detailed schedule is under consideration at the moment.

The benchmark workshop in Prague will focuse in themes such as 
  • the special needs educator -programme
  • the spacial needs education - regional coordination and strategy
  • preventing student exclusion in vocational education
  • student guidance in vocational education

The next step is to plan and organize this first benchmark workshop in more detail. Luckily we have active organizers both in Czech Republic and in Finland as well as a good network for planning and project work tasks, because the time is quite limited. I am looking forward to this benchmark visit because it will (hopefully) be mutually useful for both project parties.

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