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Disseminating Inclusive Practices (DIP) -project!


This is a blog of project Disseminating Inclusive Practices (DIP). The aim of this blog is to inform all project parties and others interested in project themes, of the plans, actions and results of this project. This blog will also work as a means of communicating and sharing ideas and innovations concerning project themes.

Disseminating Inclusive Practices project continues the dissemination of innovations and good practices created in the ESF projects Erityist√§ osaamista ja ohjausta (EOO, ”Special know-how and counselling”) and Campus Conexus (CC). Both projects dealt with the prevention of student exclusion and increasing inclusion and they created models for vocational education and universities. The innovations created in the EOO projects form the model for the regional special needs education coordination centre as well as the model for the special needs teacher education for developing the activities of vocational institutions. The innovations of Campus Conexus deal with including inclusive pedagogies and commitment to studies directly into the curriculum.

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The project coordinator is Tampere University of Applied Sciences, School of Vocational Teacher Education. The project is funded by European Social Fund in Finland, Pirkanmaa Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment

The target groups for the project are the contracting parties of Pirkanmaa Vocational Special Needs Education Coordination Center and the parties which have taken part in the strategy work of organising special needs support in the vocational secondary school in the Tampere region (including all vocational upper secondary institutions in the Tampere region). Another target group consists of the persons who are involved in TAMK curriculum work and developing support services for studying. The third target group are the guidance experts of the international partners Czech University of Life Sciences Prague and Budapest University of Technology and Economics.


The project started in September 2012 and it continues untill the end of June 2014.


The project goals
  • Strengthening the regional network in the Tampere region for the students in need of special support
  • Developing the pedagogy of the vocational university education in the Tampere region into a more inclusive direction
  • Strengthening the regional international networks
  • Developing the actions of the international partners

Disseminating Inclusive Practices project is divided into the following areas:

  • Analysing the need for developing the innovations created in the EOO and CC projects from the viewpoint of international interest. Analysing the activities of the international partners and creating a working process
  • Finding the best practices through benchmarking
  • Disseminating the best practices regionally and in the partner organisations


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