Thursday, 8 May 2014

Individual Learning Paths - closing seminar: Lively discussion and new contacts

The project's closing seminar was held today and I would like to thank all the people involved today: speakers, project partners nationally and internationally, all other international guests as well as participants from Finland. We heard about some current topics from different angles and got to interact with a multiprofessional and multucultural group of participants. So thank you! Hopefully this day activated our thoughts in many important pedagogical and educational issues and gave some international perspective to these things. Inclusivity and inclusive practices, individual learning paths and student experience are all important aspects to consider in every schooling level and in all countries and although different countries have made different kind of actions developing these, they won't ever be "completed", so the continuing development is needed. Luckily we are going to put some effort in developing these questions in our University as well as our partner schools during and after DIP -project, so the work continues.

Here are some photos from the seminar :)

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